Message from the President Director


We see the concepts of “challenge” and “search after truth” as the keys to our prosperity, which have enabled our five businesses in different fields to be successful and independent.

the President Director
Tetsuya Motohiro

代表取締役 社長元廣 哲也

Establishing Chinese factories which have become an essential advantage for textile business nowadays have existed by global strategy since 1994.

There were hard challenges to entry into other category of business that the restaurant division which developed from franchises started for the effective use of location, and the lifestyle division which is transferred of business right.

Starting chemical industry business which aims the effective use for by-product from wool mills is a concrete achievement example of catching business chance by a wide field of vision.

The situation surrounding companies changes drastically, so if they keep working for the same thing, they can’t survive for a long time. They will not have a future without taking the challenge of other new things all the time and turning it into a reality.

Additionally, as the truth is said to be singular, another point to always keep in mind is clean and faithful management and business.

Certainly, annual financial results are important, however I believe that truly valuable management is making companies last long.

For that, I believe knowing the truth exactly and managing without avoiding the truth; that is to say “Pursuing Truth” is indispensable. We share these beliefs called “Motohiro Ism” among all Motohiro staffs for keeping our company always energetic. This is what we hope to continue to be in the future.